Great Team Performance Produces Amazing Results

Elevate and Improve Team Performance

In-Depth Organizational Assessment

Profitum Consulting will do an unbiased review of your organization to determine mission alignment, culture gaps, performance opportunities, and management/leadership effectiveness. We call this the GROW process- Gather, Review, Optimize and Work the Plan. Through an open and transparent process, Profitum will develop recommendations for improved organizational effectiveness, team growth and delivery of your company’s priority initiatives.


Complete a thorough interview process of all levels of the organization and document how works gets done, how objectives are set, measured, and completed. This assessment will include how departments interact and work together, gaps in performance and document formal and informal communication channels.


Upon completion of the assessment a review will be scheduled with the leadership team or designated stakeholders to review the findings, validate the observations and gain feedback for additional information and feedback required.


Based on the learnings, develop actions and metrics for leadership review and buy-in.

Work the Plan

Once plan and deliverables have been agreed upon develop rollout strategy with the appropriate stakeholders (HR, management, and individual contributors). Track and review metrics frequently to ensure process and the intended results are being achieved.