Are You Driving The Market Or Is The Market Driving You?

Define and Develop Your Market Strategy

Market Assessment

Why are you here? Evaluate and define key user needs, market trends, and competitors to determine current baseline and then develop actions and strategies to optimize your unique value proposition and core identity.  We will define your company’s unique “secret sauce.”

Product/Service Assessment

Why will you win? Thoroughly evaluate your product and/or service against your competitors.  Complete S.W.O.T. analysis with your team to ensure your are competing with your strengths and offer product requirement improvements to better differentiate your product or service.

Channel Assessment

How will you get to your customer? Map current channel map and offer optimized strategies to better communicate and deliver your unique promise to your customers. We will test sales and marketing and offer solutions to ensure there is alignment and consistency of message to improve top-line growth

Brand Platform Assessment

Is your value proposition consistently communicated? It is a noisy world and every aspect of your customer touch points must be aligned and consistent.  We will evaluate your brand and corporate identity, ensure consistency at all points, and offer ideas to strengthen your “secret sauce” communication

Go-to-Market Assessment

Can your customers find you? Review all customer touch points across sales, service, social and web to ensure the most effective tools are being used to reach your customer.  Ensure an effective 360 feedback loop is in place for escalations, product improvements, and customer satisfaction validation