The Sunday night MONDAY!

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The Sunday night MONDAY!

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Get Interim Help to Solve those Sunday Night Monday Problems

We have all been there.  The emails start to escalate, the priorities of the upcoming week begin to loom, and our mind starts racing Sunday afternoon and evening.  It is unfortunate that we are giving up part of our Sunday worrying about what lies ahead on Monday.  You need some interim help to get ahead and remove the problems

The Positives-Keep Going

  • Excited for the new week and the opportunities that lie ahead
  • New product about to launch and the team is fired up
  • Had a great year and met your quota
  • The team is engaged and looking for new challenges

These thoughts are the ones you want to go to sleep with, excited for what the new week will bring and to get back in the action.  Engaged teams, fired-up employees, and a business that is firing on all cylinders.  That’s the making of profit momentum!  Sleep WELL!

The Negatives-Get Interim Help

  • The project is behind and under-staffed
  • The team is not focused and not working on the right priorities
  • Too many fires to put out and new ones are already lit!
  • The company is struggling and you are not sure how to dig out

Unfortunately, these issues cause stress as they creep into our Sunday night and makes for a lousy Monday.  These thoughts and challenges cause us to put off the important for the urgent.  Our tendency is to say, “I will get to it tomorrow after I put out the urgent fires of today”

It does not need to be this way.

It is time to knock these issues down and change every day to a positive day.  If you have a project that needs some help, or you need someone to help douse the flames, give us a call and we can discuss strategies to help you sleep better on Sunday night and every night!  Let’s create profit momentum by working on the right things at the right time.

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