So Why Hire an Interim CEO?

So Why Hire an Interim CEO?

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So Why Hire an Interim CEO?

Many companies are faced with challenges whether they be market driven, product driven, or organization/culture driven. When leadership changes are required, hire an interim CEO to fully characterize the problems and define the right strategies to drive success.

When You Hire An Interim CEO, You Get:

Unbiased- clearly articulate the needed changes without political or personal gains.

Open Communication- Employees will be open and discuss required improvements to help frame a positive future.

Job Description- Will describe the right skill set required for the next leader.

Respect/Buy-in-Employees will respect the board’s decision to bring in an unbiased expert to articulate the needed changes.

Direct Feedback- The interim CEO is not motivated to say what the board wants to hear.

These benefits allow for a faster definition of the issues and sets the organization up to find the right leader that will drive positive change and profit momentum.

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